Lutein Ester Drops
Lutein Ester Drops
Dosage: Oral Drops
Size: 30ml

Lutein Ester, as an important aliphatic ester, has the antioxidant function, it could help filter the blu-ray, contributes the eyes development, and protect the retina from the harm of ultraviolet ray and mobile phone blu-ray.β-carotene, one of carotenoid, is converted in the body into Vitamin A, with the function of night blindness adjuvant therapy.Great Taste – as your preferBreak through traditional dosage forms such as softgel and tablets, adopt innovative liquid dosage forms, much more convenient to swallow, to improve the rate of absorbtion and utilization, and reduce the irritation for the stomach.


Active IngredientSpecification
Lutein Ester oil2.4g
Lutein Ester12mg/ml
β-Carotene 30%1.2g
β-carotene                             10mg/ml

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